How to Make Cream Cheese
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2 cups whole milk (500 mL)

2 cups heavy cream (500 mL

2 Tbl fresh cultured buttermilk (30 mL)

1/4 tablet Junket rennet tablet

sterile white plain handkerchief (boil to sterilize, hang to dry thoroughly)


1) Combine milk and cream in a stainless pot. Gently warm to 70 F (21 C), stir regularly.

2) Mix buttermilk thoroughly into the warmed milk-cream mixture. Cover.

3) Let sit 15 minutes. Meanwhile, dissolve 1/4 tablet of Junket rennet in 1/4th cup cool water (30 mL).

4) Thoroughly stir solution of rennet into inoculated milk/cream, cover again.

5) Allow to sit overnight at warm room temperature (70-75 F).

6) The mixture should have gelled by the next morning. Sprinkle 1/2 - 1 tsp salt on the surface.

Stir briefly and gently with a whisk to produce pieces about the size of a pea.

7) Line a large strainer with the sterile handkerchief. Gently pour the semi-liquid product into

the cloth. Let drain for 30 minutes.

8) Pick up the corners of the cloth, wrap corners in a looped thick rubber band, hang over a bowl

to drain. You may hang in a refrigerator if your house is hot.

9) Turn solidifying mass in the cloth to hasten drainage. Store in a refrigerator. Use within a

week or so.