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Waffle Breakfast, 2003

Here is the invitation for the 34th Annual Waffle amd Maple Syrup Breakfast (2009).

If you like crisp and light waffles, made with whole grains, you should like these. This recipe will feed about four persons, depending on appetite... This recipe is the basis of the waffles which we have served to U.C. Clermont College since 1975.  It was in that year that we first started tapping Sugar Maple trees on campus as part of the Biology Lab activites in Winter Quarter.  We served the resulting syrup over these cornmeal waffles, invented by David Fankhauser.   Here is the record of attendance since 1995 ,  an article about the breakfast in 2001 , the 2003 Invitation with information about the 2003 sugaring season, and pictures taken at the 28th Waffle Breakfast in 2003 .


Whisk in a 2 qt bowl until blended:

        1 egg

Add to egg and whisk gently just to blend:

        1 cup plain yogurt (or buttermilk)
        1 cup beer, cold and effervescent

Measure into a sifter:

        2/3 cup cornmeal (freshly ground if possible)
        1/2 cup whole wheat flour
        1 tsp baking soda
        1/4 tsp salt

Sift onto liquids, whisk just to mix, leaving small lumps. (You may need to add a bit more flour to adjust the thickness of the batter if it appears too runny.)

Fold in:

        1/4 cup oil

Sprinkle shelled sunflower seeds onto a preheated hot (just starting to smoke) well-seasoned waffle iron.

Bake until browned, about 6 minutes. 

Brush with melted 1:1 butter:oil, drizzle on maple syrup, try to stop after eating just one...

(For the deluxe version, you may sprinkle in cooked sausage, walnuts and/or pecans in the same manner as the sunflower seeds.) 


A number of people have asked about how many people attend our Waffle Breakfasts;  Here is the number of people who have signed attendance lists in previous years (more attend than actually sign in):

Annual    Year   Attendance

    40th    2016    ????

    38th    2014    149
    37th    2010    152
    35th    2010    123
    33rd    2008    116
    32nd    2007    92
    30th     2005    176    8 April 2005
    29th     2004    141
    28th     2003    120
    27th     2002    106
    26th     2001    101
    25th     2000                             (data missing for this year)    
    24th     1999      66                  (David Fankhauser was on sabbatical in Costa Rica this year)
    23rd    1998      97
    22nd    1997    115
    21st     1996    100
    20th     1995    151                  (Big turnout for the 20th anniversary of the first Waffle Breakfast)
    19th     1994    126

Here is a set of pictures taken at the 28th Annual Waffle Breakfast, 11 April 2003 (many taken by Marissa Helms):

Here is the text of the 2003 Invitation to the Breakfast which describes the sugaring season in 2003:


    FRIDAY, 11 April 2003

    8:30 to 10:30 AM

    Room EDS 260 (Biology Lab to the R)
    U.C. Clermont College

    Again this year (for the 28th year in a row!), the Biology Department will host a waffle breakfast for the entire college at which Real Clermont Maple Syrup (our own essence of spring) will be served over yeast-raised cornmeal waffles.  The Clermont tradition of maple sugaring has been a Winter Biology Lab activity since 1975 when David Fankhauser introduced it.  This year, the sap did not flow until 28 February, later than we have ever experienced.  Then, during the first two weeks of March, it gushed.  Students in Jan Carter’s Bio Lab collected the sap daily, and “the Doc” boiled it down until it was reduced to about 1/40th its original volume.  (It is boiled in open pans for about six hours until it has reached syrup consistency, and then removed from the fire promptly before it burns. Even with the late start, we were able to make about three gallons of syrup this year.
    Earth Day comes soon after the breakfast (22 April) and reminds us of the importance of reducing the amount of paper and plastic garbage we discard.  In the spirit of “reduce, reuse and recycle ,” we will serve on china during this activity and hope you will be willing to wash your own dishes when you are finished.
    All members of the College Community are welcome.  Bring a friend!  As always, past and present students, staff and faculty are invited, so extend this invitation to all Clermont College alumni.  This continues to be a free event, but donations will be cheerfully accepted.  Come sit, eat and visit with your friends; nurture one of Clermont's most valuable assets, collegiality.

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