A tour of his abbey and garden
David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D. 
Professor of Biology and Chemistry 
U.C. Clermont College 
Batavia OH 45103
The abbey in Brno where
Mendel was a monk and then abbot
Created 5 November 2006
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Mendel's garden and the remaining
foundation of his greenhouse

During a sabbatical project in Germany in 2006, I made a "pilgrimage" to the Abbey in Brno, Czech Republic.  I went because this is where Gregor Mendel conducted his famous plant breeding experiments which laid the foundation for our understanding for how traits are handed down from parents to offspring. These are some of the pictures of the Augustinian Abbey and the garden and green house in which Mendel worked and performed his research.
Click here for more images of Brno, the Czeck Republic. 

Here is an article in the Smithsonian Magazine which quotes me regarding this "pilgrimage" to Mendel's Abby in Brno, Czech Republic. 

The Augustinian Monastery where Gregor Mendel performed his experiments lies on the southwest portion of Old Brno. It was at this abbey where he was first a monk, and then became its abbot. 

The first view shows the abbey from a portal across the plaza in front of the abbey.

The next shows the church and the monk residency at an angle across the plaza. 

The third, across a busy intersection, is of the church and a neighboring ornate building

The last shows the interesting roof line and towers of the church. 

Here  is Mendel's garden and his green house on the grounds of the abbey. 
His breeding experiments with peas (Pisum sativum) revolutionized our understanding of how traits are inherited.

The first image shows the grounds of the abbey where he breed his peas. The foundation of the green house is all that remains of the greenhouse, seen in the near front of the picture. 

The next image, I am sitting on the edge of the greenhouse foundation, eating my (very) simple Czech breakfast while waiting for the museum to open.

The last image shows the plans for the greenhouse that Mendel requested. 

The picture at the left is Mendel's workshop in which he performed his bench studies, and entertained guests.  It fell into disrepair during the communist era, and has, after a fire, been torn down.

The picture at the right shows Mendel's microscope which is preserved in the Mendelinium, a museum dedicated to him and his work (note the cute protective hat.)

Mendel had many other interests besides breeding peas:

L:  He kept detailed records of meteorological data  for years.  Graphic data for three years are shown.

Center:  He was an avid bee keeper, and designed an apiary.  The Abbey still keeps bees.(You can see the hives on the terrace above the wall.)

R: The tall building with smoke stack just beyond his garden was the abbey's brewery.  Czech beer is world famous.  Pilsner is their invention.  The well in the foreground is apparently famous--but who can tell me for what?

L:  A statue of Mendel watches over his garden.

R:  A famous photograph of Mendel is housed in the Mendelinium.