Macedonian Orthodox
                    church, Ohrid, Macedonia
David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
University of Cincinnati Clermont College
Batavia OH 45103
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traverse of Macedonia.

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Berlin sabbatical, View across the Spree River
Here are images from Berlin and the Czech Republic

Here is the new page on Malawi (from my trip in December 2012).  I plan on developing it much more as I have time!
Here are images from my most recent trip to Venezuela, February 2007.
And here is a page on the production of Venezuelan Coffee (delicious!)

Here are some of my more popular pages.  Look below for a more extensive list of activities/pages.

Pouring off whey from cheesee.
Loading gels in the Genetics Lab
Fankhauser's Cheese Page
Homesteading Skills (popcorn, etc)
Lab Protocols
Lecture class webpages
Biology Lecture 1081
Biology Lab 1081L
Orchids in the
My Freedom Ride 
International Folk Dancing
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Images of Palestine
and Israel

Here is a page of facts I compiled about Norwalk-like viruses, which, in 2006, sickened dozens of people on a cruise on the Mississippi Queen. It remains a significant problem for cruises, and other situations where a group of people are confined in close proximity
Images from the Eclipse of the Sun, 8 April,2005, visible from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Also, images of the transit of Venus, taken in Batavia, Ohio 8 June 2004 .
Here are other general topics (some of these links go to directories of pictures rather than a developed page):

Classes I teach,
Grades, and 
Newsnote Page
Pictures of my students

Wildflowers Animals
2004: 17 Year Cicadas
 Southern Flying Squirrel pictures from SW Ohio.
Tree Buds and Bark Mushrooms Tapping Sugar Maple Trees and 
Annual Waffle Breakfast
Italy             Sicily, 2004 Costa Rica
Society Nuclear Industry Genetically Engineered Foods Civil Rights in Cincinnati Family
In the past, I put together these page of facts on Anthrax and West Nile Virus

Rare Books lecture in Jill Fankhauser's History of Science Class with pictures taken by David Fankhauser.


I collected these hail stones following a hailstorm on 6 April 2001 in SW Ohio. I am calling them "star hail stones." I have been unable to find any record of such  stones, nor explanation of how they may have formed. See my hypothesis below the picture. (Click the picture  for a larger version.)
This tree was struck up the valley from my house and produced a very interesting spiral pattern of damage.  Thanks to my student Kasey Stopp for bringing it to my attention.
My hypothesis: We know that hail stones are formed by repeatedly being carried high in thunderheads where it  freezes, and cycle back down through warmer zones where they pick up more water which is subsequently frozen  as they are carried up again. If the stones are being carried upward near a windshear zone of up and down drafts, they would spin. As they spin, water would move to the outer edge of the spinning stone. If freezing occurred at foci instead of evenly, points would begin to form. These points would subsequently serve as conduits for additional water to be carried during spinning, and freeze there, extending the "ray." If you have knowledge of such stones, please let me know My hypothesis:  Tree trunks grow in spirals over the years, providing conductive channels down which lightening electricity can easily flow.  The bark has been blown off above these channels as the charge is transmitted.

ECLIPSE OF THE MOON: An eclipse of the moon took place between 10:00 PM 20 Jan 2000 and 1:00 AM 21 Jan 2000. Here is a collage of pictures I took of it during the movement of the earth's shadow across its face until it was a "red moon." I used an Olympus C-2000 digital camera, setting the shutter speed to 1/800th sec for the first three, 1/400th for the next two, and 1/10th second (with tripod) for the last two. The images were cut and pasted to form the collage.
Here are some of my interests and links which will take you to their pages.

Classes taught by David Fankhauser (and syllabi) Here are syllabi for classes I teach and links to jpegs for the classes I have taught. 
Here are coded grades for my most recent classes .
Making Cheese and other Fermented Milk Products A page on making a variety of cheeses, yogurt, etc.
Illustrated Laboratory Protocols Follow this link to a page listing the laboratory programs I have written, and example protocols with photographicillustrations I have taken of the procedures or principles being taught.
Protocols for Microbiology During the Summer of 2001, I am putting all of my Micro protocols on the web.
Wildflowers of South Western Ohio 
Families of Early Wildflowers 
February and March wildflowers
Early April wildflowers
Late April wildflowers
Mid May wildflowers
Summer wildflowers

This is a collection of wildflower pictures I have taken in Southwestern Ohio over the past few years which are studied in the field component of Clermont College's Biology Laboratory. These were taken with the Lab's digital camera. 

The first is a page describing the families of early blooming flowers with links to pictures of example wildflowers. 

Here is a page illustration evolutionary trends in flower morphology

Clermont Biology's wildflower page Here is a link Clermont Biology's wildflower page , a compilation of photographs of local blooming species taken by Jan Carter and myself on or around the Clermont College campus.
Greenhouse activities The College greenhouse opened Summer 2000,including a page on the orchids which we are growing there.
ANIMALS of various descriptions Birds , Great Horned Owl, local Bald Eagle Nest, goatsgoat autopsy , insects , mosquitoes , mammals , reptiles and amphibians , spiders (Folding Door Spider). See also pictures of Alaskan bears, caribou, fox, whales, salmon, bald eagles, etc
Gallery of Pictures of My Previous Classes, 1973-present If you took a class of mine, you are probably here... 
And here is a page on the annual Waffle and Maple Syrup Breakfast , at which we serve our own home made maple syrup over Fank's Cornmeal Waffles.
Costa Rica Sabbatical I took a sabbatical in 1998-99 at the Universidad de Costa Rica , working in the lab of Dr. Pedro Leon at the Cuidad de la Investigacion , where I worked on three different projects: 
1) assisted with the localization of a gene which causes bipolar syndrome 
2) compared the genetic make-up of an isolated population of feral pigs on the Isla de Coca, with the population found on the mainland. As expected, the pigs isolated for hundreds of years on the island were MUCH more homogeneous than the mainland pigs. 
3) surveyed homeoboxes in amphibians (genes which regulate early development of limbs, segmentation, etc.). Found striking differences in limbless species compared to limbed species.
Discovery of "Asian Tiger Mosquito"
in Clermont County 
I discovered this Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus ) flying about in my office! (It was the first recorded specimen of this invading species in Clermont County.) See pictures I took of this elegant but serious pest, capable of transmitting a variety of diseases.
Winter Tree Buds and Bark TREE BUDS One activity which can be performed in the field even in the "dead" of winter is identification of trees by their buds. We anticipate adding more species to this list. 
Mushrooms MUSHROOMS are an easily studied manifestations of the Kingdom Fungi. These are species seen on and around the Clermont Campus in SW Ohio. 
Building Construction 
Weekly Pictures
A new building was constructed at UC Clermont College 1999-2000 which took place outside my office window. I took weekly pictures of the progress of the construction as seen from the window of my office. 
1999 , 2000 , 2002 Clermont College Faculty plan and hold a retreat each Fall. Here are some pictures from these retreats. 
Resume, May 1999


Freedom Rides A description of my arrest and imprisonment in Mississippi, 1961.    Here is an article about my keynote speech at Purdue University's Martin Luther King celebration on this topic.
Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods The dangers of releasing genetically engineered plants and animals into the environment are under appreciated. Effect of consuming foods containing GE materials is far from clear. Follow this link to a paper I prepared on this topic presented in 1999 at a Detroit Michigan hearing before congressman David Bonior, Minority Whip of the House.
Most recently I was interviewed by a NewsProNet, a national TV news organization, on the addition of a genetically engineered fish antifreeze protein to ice cream. Here is a brief essay I wrote for that interview.
Dangers of the Nuclear Industry I have tried for decades to educate the public about the dangers of environmental radioactive contamination from both domestic and military uses of nuclear energy. From 1972 through 1984, I was an intervenor in the NRC hearings on the Zimmer Nuclear Power Station, Moscow, Ohio. Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co. elected in 1984 to convert the facility to a coal-fired power station. More recently (1984-1992), I surveyed the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center for radioactive contamination. I have spoken about the dangers of this contamination which arose from the preparation of uranium for nuclear weapons at this site. Follow the link to a pictoral tour of Ohio's Fernald nuclear weapons plant 
Cincirights A history of the Civil Rights Movement in Cincinnati, Ohio


"Macedonian" Trip Pictures 2005 traverse of the Balkans:  flying to Istanbul, and then taking busses, mini-busses, trains, ferry, even an occasional hitch hike through western Turkey, northern Greece, Macedonia, Albania, and Italy.  We flew home from Rome.
Sicilian Trip Pictures 2004 travels around the coast of Sicily:  Landing in Palermo, train to Agrigento, bus to Syracusa, bus sidetrip to Nota, then to Taoramina, and a train to Messina, and back to Palermo.
Turkey Trip Pictures 2003 trip along the western coast of Turkey, starting at Bodrum in the south, and wending our way through Selcuk, Bergama, Troy, ferrying across the Marmara Sea to Istanbul.. 

Nova Scotia Trip Pictures 2002 tour of the Maritime Provinces, including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Bay of Fundy. 
Alaska Trip Pictures 2001 trip from Anchorage to Copper Center, down to Valdex, up and across the Denali "Highway" to fabulous Denali National  Park with all its wilderness, animals and Denali mountain (Mt. McKinley)  It was a mini class reunion for my Olney Friends Boarding School.
Local bird sightings (SW Ohio) A very active board on which birders post sightings
PICTURES IN AND AROUND NAPLES, ITALY I spent the 1990-91 academic year with my family on sabbatical in Naples, Italy conducting genetics research. Here are some scans of pictures taken during that experience.
FOLK DANCING Folk Dancing has been an avocation of mine for decades, from high school at Olney Friends School, to Antioch College, to Earlham College, to Johns Hopkins University to the University of Cincinnati. I currently teach a monthly class at the University of Cincinnati International Folk Dancers . Here is my " Folk Dancing Resume ."
PICTURES TAKEN ON MAUI My mother and stepfather were extremely generous to underwrite a family reunion in Maui during the Summer of '97. Follow this link for selected pictures taken on this island paradise. 
Maritime Provinces of Canada A September 2002 vacation of Nova Scotia (including Cape Breten Island), Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick
THE FLOOD OF '97, NEW RICHMOND, OHIO The "great flood of '97" on the Ohio River inundated this town closest to our home. Included is an aerial view, and a broader view of the Cincinnati Post front page from 5 March 1997. I took these pictures at the foot of our road during the flood. 
Link to the Fankhauser family A page in which I show off my (wonderful) children and wife. In addition, my mother, Polly Brokaw, courageous person that she was, when she was faced with rapidly progressing Alzheimer's Disease, elected to end her life on 5 November 1997. Here is a jpeg of the Cincinnati Enquirer front page which reports on her life and her decision to end it. Here is the continuation of the story
Link to paintings by Jill Fankhauser Jill, in addition to being a historian of both music and science, is quite the painter. Follow the link to images of some of her paintings.
Link to my son Gabe Fankhauser's Home Page Gabe is currently a visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Here are some wedding pictures from 6 July 1996 when Gabe Fankhauser married Teri Neyhouse at our farm. 
Link to Community Friends Meeting, Cincinnati, OH The Friends' Meeting (Quaker) with which I have been associated in the past.

Thanks to Jan Carter for help with some of the site construction.

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