Earth Day Poster Project

Biology 106, TH 11:00 Lecture Section

On 22 April 1970, Earth Day was set aside to focus on various environmental problems and solutions. Since the first Earth Day, we have solved some environmental problems, but have created or intensified others. So that we may focus the attention of everyone here at Clermont College on the problems that still need to be solved, you are asked to do the following project, for which you will receive a maximum of 50 points. These posters will be displayed in the hallway outside the biology lab so that all who pass by during the week of Earth Day may read them. They will be returned after several weeks of display. The assignment is to:

  1. pick a topic of ecological concern (for example, things like styrofoam/ozone hole, disposable diapers, pesticides and/or other chemicals, sewage treatment/water quality, solid waste disposal, recycling, and/or composting, endangered species/backyard wildlife sanctuaries, packaging at grocery stores, genetically-engineered crops, etc., etc.),
  2. do library research on your chosen topic (Some, but not all, of your sources may be Web pages. However, since anybody can put anything on the Web, you must be very critical and choose only “legitimate” sources.), and
  3. prepare an attractive poster which includes the title of your poster, your name (visible on the front), an attached one page, typed description of the problem you researched, an attached one page, typed proposal for a solution to the problem (It is strongly urged that this solution be some practical thing that you, your readers, and I can do to solve the problem, not something for someone-out-there.), supporting data, tables, and/or graphs (While cute pictures may make your poster more attractive, they are not supportive data.), and an attached, typed list of at least four, legitimate references you used. Including direct quotes, charts, graphs, etc., without citing your sources and/or using more than small, direct quotes from those sources is plagiarism! Note further requirements listed on the sample gradesheet. 10% per day will be deducted for a late poster.
1 ( 5). Title & Author — on poster?
Large, informative title?
Author’s name beneath?
2 (10). Statement of Problem,
one page typed — on poster?
Referenced to bibliography?
3 (10). Supporting Data, Graphs,
Illustrations, etc. — on poster?
Evidence of problem? Referenced?
4 (10). Suggestion(s) for Solution,
local?, typed — on poster?

5 ( 5). Bibliography (at least four
references) — on poster? typed?

6 ( 5). Effort, Appearance

7 ( 5). Proper Grammar?

Dr. Fankhauser has come up with a list of possible topics. It is not mandatory that you choose from this list, so if you have another, good idea that you’d like to develop, you may do so. However, if you’re “stuck” and can’t think of ideas, perhaps these will get you going.

... and a few more I thought of:

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