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Laelia-Cattleya cross, 
blooming in greenhouse

On 3 November 2001, we toured the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society Display at the Conservatory.  I have constructed a page with some pictures taken at that Orchid Show .  Here is a sampling of some of the pictures taken there:


This page displays some of the activities of the greenhouse at Clermont College.  Prominent is a collection of orchids donated in September 2000 by Cindy Brian .  We are learning some some of the requirements for these interesting plants, and have already had several bloom.  Follow the link to a series of pictures taken as Cattleya guatemalense budded and then bloomed .


"L.A. Drumbeat" 'Heritage' (Hcc/AoS) buds, 
taken 14 February 2001
Laelia Cattleya "Drumbeat" 'Heritage' (HCC/AOS) in full bloom, blooming 20 February 2001.  The infamous "dead plant" which has stirred so much interest/controversy at the college between 2/15 and 2/20

Here are some pictures taken the day that Cindy Brian donated an orchid collection to the Biology Department.  (She brought the flowering orchids for show and tell that day, not for donation...)

Cindy Brian presents
orchid collection
to David Fankhauser
Orchids can make you smile, even when they aren't blooming...
Cindy shows a blooming Oncidium intergeneric.
David Fankhauser accepts orchid gift from Cincy Brian
Cindy holds a Phragmapedium
 Here is a larger version of this same Phragmapedium
 Laelia-Cattleya cross
 Oncidium intergeneric
 Oncidium intergeneric
 Laelia rubescens
 Cattleya cross
 Donated orchids on their stand
 Some of the orchids donated, several months later.
 Oncidium Amanda
Started blooming 13 March 01
Epidendrum stanfordianum
alba x spotted
blooming 16 April 01
 Oncidium "Tiger orchid"
blooming 14 Feb 01
started blooming 16 April 01

Cattleya guatemalense buds, then blooms.

One of the orchids donated by Cindy Brian was "in sheath" when she donated it, meaning that it was going to bloom in the near future.  The buds began to emerge from the sheath in November, and by December it was in full bloom.  Below are pictures which record the progress of its blooming.
November 28:  The buds are just emerging from the sheath.
November 30:  Showing more buds with some color.
December 1:  Buds elongated.
December 4: Buds begin to spread out.
December 11:  Cattleya guatemalense in full bloom
 Cattleya guatemalense
 Cattleya guatemalense
 Cattleya guatemalense


The infamous "dead plant " which caused such a flurry of emails at Clermont College during February has finally been laid to rest.  But we still have the images when it was lying in state in the greenhouse, replete with "Police Line: Do Not Cross" tape and report form.  You can take a look at that too, if you must...  See the link to the image below.

More orchid blooms plus a few other "outside" plants.. .

Taken the end of February 2001.  Soon you will be able to click on the images to open larger versions...

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