50th Reunion of the Freedom Riders, Chicago 2011

These pictures were taken by David Fankhauser at the 50th Reunion of Freedom Riders in Chicago, 27 April to 30 April 2011.  Please excuse that I have not added detailed description with the photos...

I continue to ask if it will be possible to see the videos that were taken at the various sessions?

First set from the 25th floor of the Omni Hotel.  Thanks Oprah.

Breakfast at the Omni, 28 April

On the bus (didn't we have fun singing!) and disembarking at Harpo Studios (then they took my camera away!)

My student guests from Simeon High School in South Chicago, with their teacher Steven Guarnieri (my future son-in-law) and Jesse Jackson

Photos from the 29 April sessions

Photos from the 30 April AM session (in the first pic: my class mates from Central State College, David and Winona Myers.)